About Merriborn Media

Merriborn Media is a business dedicated to developing clever content, engaged online communities and effective collaborative working for clients.

We are the experts in clever content and making the most of it to help online communities flourish. We help our clients develop compelling, concise, clear and creative thought leadership and intellectual property – and then deliver engaged communities and collaborative learning techniques to bring it alive.

Why do we feel passionately about these areas?

Clever Content Engaged Communities Collaborative Learning

Clever Content

Your content has never been more important. Merriborn places what you have to say expertly, intelligently and directly in terms of the challenges facing your buyers. We combine the skills of:-

  • Content Creation – the writing and creative skills to produce high-quality Clever Content; with
  • Content Curation – the authority and experience to bring together disparate sources of thinking into a compelling, coherent and clear narrative to benefit your business.

We will shape your content marketing to make the strongest possible impact on lead generation.

Engaged Communities

Building and sustaining engaged communities online is essential. Great content is meaningless without a great community of buyers, prospects or influencers. At Merriborn, our emphasis is on building great online communities which in turn promote fresh, new content. Building a great community online:-

  • Increases trust;
  • Adds value to your customer, prospects and influencers;
  • Turns them into advocates for your organisation;
  • Gives your business more personality; and
  • Shows off your expertise in your field.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning is important because we all work better when we work together. We all know that engaged employees drive better business performance. When building a motivated workforce internally, the power of collaborative social learning platforms in driving learning and engagement and breaking down organisational silos is becoming increasingly obvious.

That’s what we do best at Merriborn. We use excellent collaborative learning techniques to give you top-quality content and engaged communities of buyers, prospects and employees.