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Building online communities to drive your business – #OEWeekly


Merriborn shows you how to build and sustain engaged communities online. We help you to influence customers, prospects, advocates and employees – and add value to your business.

How to build and sustain online communities

Building and sustaining engaged communities online is becoming essential to drive your business forward. Great content is meaningless without a great community of buyers, prospects or influencers. In this package, our emphasis is on building great online communities which in turn promote fresh, new content. We will show you how to build a great community online to:-

  • Increase trust
  • Add value to your customer, prospects and influencers
  • Turn them into advocates for your organisation
  • Give your business more personality; and
  • Show off your expertise in your field.

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Strategic advice on effective use of social media

It is essential to link together all social media vehicles with appropriate online/social media content in a form that unlocks new business value. This package ensures that you can do this in a cohesive manner, repay your investment in content many times over and achieve a step-change in your profile with clients, prospects and influencers.

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