Merriborn Academy

The Merriborn Academy exists to support your search for clarity of purpose for your business, in the way it communicates and engages with customers, prospects, advocates, employees, investors and other partners. We achieve this through delivering learning, education and insight packages. Our aim is give you a tailored “Business Clarity Programme” to deliver the high-quality “Clever Content” for communications and marketing and greatly improved levels of engagement with your online communities.

Why Business Clarity?

It is essential to achieve clarity for your business: In the way you talk about yourself; in everything that you write, say or do; and in the communities of buyers, prospects and advocates that you build.

Why Clever Content?

You need to say what you have to say expertly, intelligently and directly and in terms of the challenges facing your buyers

Why Engaged Communities?

This is the most effective way to win new business, members and interest in what you do is to build and sustain engaged communities online.

The Merriborn Academy Promise

“We help you to influence customers, prospects, advocates and employees – and add clear value to your business.”

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