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“Trevor Merriden is the master of clever content, developing issues based material that is clear, punchy and gets straight to the heart of the matter. He has strong values that shine through his work … most obviously his integrity and his open and straightforward approach to professional and personal relationships. He is a challenging, thoughtful and well networked individual with whom anyone serious about developing impactful content in the marketplace should build a relationship.”
Chris Bones, Partner, Good Growth and Dean Emeritus, Henley Business School
“I am happy to recommend Trevor Merriden as a smart, thoughtful and very decent guy to do business with. He is that rare thing – a former journalist/editor who has a good business head on him and can be trusted to run things. He is thoroughly professional, but manages to maintain a nice informal approach, and is calm under pressure. …Come to think of it, this makes him an even rarer commodity than I realised. You won’t regret doing business with him.”
Stefan Stern, Director of Strategy, Edelman and Management Writer, Financial Times
“I worked with Trevor across a number of titles. He was always a master at grasping the issues facing those markets and the people within them. He’s always very clear, will always tell you what he thinks in a user-friendly way, and is a effective communicator. If you want issues-based content, he’s the go-to guy.”
Dominic Mills, Honorary Professor at Roehampton and Editorial Director, Haymarket Business Media
“Trevor is always thoroughly attentive to the brief, delivered great results, and was excellent to work with. He has high integrity and a good sense of humour, the prefect combination.”
Morice Mendoza, Editor of World Business magazine and now CEO Mendoza Media