The JOY of Content

Some will tell you how valuable great content is for the development of your business – and yes, of course, it can be in terms of sales, prospects and visibility. BUT the bit that they don’t tell you is that it also helps your business on the inside, too.

So, to me the “joy” of content is that every time you communicate with your market, you:

  1. Get invaluable feedback
  2. Grow your own knowledge – and
  3. Out will tumble lots of fab new ideas.

So, if you think you can’t afford the time or money for great content, ask yourself instead whether you want feedback, knowledge, and new ideas. Can you afford not to have any of these?

Of course you want them. And they’re more fun spin-offs from creating what we call here the Merriborn “Content Engine” system, which then uses feedback, knowledge and ideas to drive growth.

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