3 questions to get social media clarity

Have you ever felt bewildered by the number of social media and online community options you have? I have, though I now have 3 questions I can use to cut through the fluff.

Where are your buyers – or others you want to influence? If they really don’t use online communities, then don’t use them. It’s simple. Don’t though make it an excuse for inaction – there are few business or leisure interests for which this is still true. Concentrate on one main channel through which your community prefers to operate.

What do they want? Your community could be the quickest and most comprehensive resource you will ever have ever have for understanding all sorts of trends affecting the way your community thinks and acts. So ask them for their views to find out more.

Why should they want to engage with you? You want him or her to share their views and their questions. To do this though, they need to know that the content you are sharing is about the issues that directly affect them. What can you do to make them feel comfortable?

Ask yourself these questions and clarity will come.

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