Better Collaboration = Greater Business Value. It’s an Equation, not a Coincidence.

Are your collaborative efforts with workplace colleagues all show and no substance? How good are you really at collaborating in the workplace? And what stops you from collaborating more? I’ve not met anyone who will tell me that collaboration is a “bad thing”, but they also tell me they and the businesses they work in struggle in going “further” with collaboration – or even understand why they should.

Humans have been collaborating with one another for many thousands of years – but in a very, very limited way. Now, technology – the key driver behind most of major recent changes in our daily lives – has become the reason “why” this will soon change. Technology’s march means that we miss many opportunities every single day to collaborate more closely in the way we work and learn from one another.

Everyone instinctively “gets” collaboration – but very few know how to talk about it or develop it in a workplace context. That’s also now changing – because it has become clear to me recently that those that do have enjoyed a rapid increase in extra business value. I know this, because I’ve been worked with highly collaborative teams that go on to do more, earn more – and enjoy themselves more.

Better Collaboration = Greater BusinessValue. It’s an Equation, not a Coincidence.

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