How to stay in a change mindset

It’s hard enough for people to get into a change mindset. But how do we stay in a change mind set once there, rather than slipping back into old ways?

One answer lies in looking at how some business sectors approach the issue. You may have heard technology companies using the phrase “Beta version” for a product launch. These versions are released in order to sense check whether a product has faults or bugs. Some businesses even keep the beta test label on their products after an official launch, as much to remind their staff, as well as their customers, that a product is never regarded as “complete” but merely awaiting the next batch of improvements.

Any business, including yours, can benefit from adopting the “Beta” mentality. Together in our work, we can share and experiment with new ideas on the way we work: few ideas are 100% successfully implemented first time but in trying out new ways, we can at least get the information we need to refine and improve ideas as we go along.

Similarly, for individuals, the “Beta” mentality will:-

  • Help you acknowledge that we all have faults/bugs and that there should be no end-point for your career development. In the current economic climate, we all need to make a lifelong commitment to continue our development.
  • Reinforce what we already instinctively feel – that much of our knowledge is best developed by continuously trying things out and then refining through improvements.
  • Enable us to think as any great start-up business should. Steve Jobs once described Apple as the “biggest start-up on the planet” to help his staff maintain their focus on innovation.

So why not take a “Beta” approach? Make a plan to develop skills and experiences and then go ahead and execute it, but with regular reviews built in and lots of opportunities for feedback from those around you.

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