Resolve only to think on a daily basis

dalecarnegieIn 2014, I am avoiding “Blue Monday” stories. These are everywhere, as resolutions falter, bad weather sets in and the cost of Christmas mounts. I urge you instead to resolve only to think about what makes you happy in work and life on a daily basis.

I’ve concluded that Dale Carnegie has made me very happy indeed. Most know him for the book and phrase “How to win friends and influence people.” For me, though, his best work was“How to stop worrying and start living.” I used to worry about everything, but thanks to Dale, I don’t worry about much these days and haven’t for many years. What made the difference?

There’s too much to tell you about the book in a short blog, but the lasting memory is a quote from Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle: “Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.” Nothing else matters. Mentally shut the door on the “dead yesterdays” and “unborn tomorrows” from your mind, says Carnegie, to concentrate only on today. You can plan for tomorrow, of course, but don’t attempt to concern yourself with the outcome until you get there.

It’s no coincidence that many recovering addicts use the “one day at a time” model to overcome bad habits. Resolutions are, after all, nothing but daily commitments –so the only resolution worth making could be to approach life on a daily basis.

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