Respect is the constant

When you go to a conference, some things stick and others don’t. Last week, I had the pleasure to go to the excellent Merit Summit in Vienna. The keynote speaker Gerard Penning of Shell said something that has stayed with me …

“You can have all the Behaviours you like, but you have to show Respect to others….”

I’ve been thinking about this ever since – and I couldn’t agree more …

Behaviour, to me, is a display of a belief or attitude. It can vary from day-to-day depending on pressures and commitment.

Respect, to me, is not a belief, even though some businesses list “Respect” in in their behaviours. That’s nice, but to me it either exists or it doesn’t. It should be unwavering – a constant.

I’ve met people who are committed to corporate behaviours but clearly lack personal respect for others. And I’ve met those who try their best with behaviours – and sometimes fail, but show total respect to all around them.

I know who I’d rather work with … what about you?

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