Slow down to speed up: why your content needs time and attention

I have been, am and will always be unashamedly passionate about the value of great content for your business. You can – and must – pay lots of time and attention to it. Why? Your content is important because it sets the tone for everything that happens afterwards. The services that you sell are central to any successful business and the simple, clear and direct messages you send out about them is the way in which you let the world know.

Notice I wrote “messages” in that last sentence – not the “media” you use. The media we use to convey messages have changed greatly in recent years. They will change some more – media will come and media will go – but clear messages and great stories will outlast them all.

Content is also important because an elevator pitch today feels like a luxury of time. Instead, your time to make a pitch is now the few seconds it takes the buyer inside the lift to push the button to slide the doors shut – with you potentially left on the outside. Under this kind of pressure, you don’t need to talk quickly. But you do need to talk clearly and simply about the difference you could make.

Your content is not only about the buyer standing in front of you. Can you explain to others – those who could refer you on to their networks – how you help your clients? Really help them to help you – be at pains to explain what you do simply and clearly, so that they can do the same to others.

So my own simple and clear message to you is this: slow down and think about your content if you want to speed up success.

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