We are all Talent Citizens now

Yesterday for me was all about technology and talent – as will many days in future, I suspect. I couldn’t get to a great FuelX19 conference, so the tech kicked in – I watched a web stream of some excellent presentations while working on another project. And once online, I saw Jo Mills of Fuel50 talk about our responsibility as leaders and managers to embrace the concept of Talent Citizenship.

Talent Citizenship means you consciously, actively and wholeheartedly develop the talents of those who work for you – for the common good. You know employees may leave one day and, actually, you’re more than OK with that – you’re happy and excited about it. Your pride, as a proud Talent Citizen of the world, is to see them return to the talent marketplace in far better shape than when they joined you. I love Jo’s idea. Good citizenship, to me, is far more than extra-hours volunteering – it is also central to how we see our purpose in the workplace.

We are all ‘Talent Citizens’ now.

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