100 months in – and its been lots of fun

I am very proud to say that today marks the completion of my 100th month running my business Merriborn Media. I thought about this monthly landmark when I got lots of #LinkedIn messages at the end of May. Many people kindly congratulated me on my so-called “work anniversary” of 8 years in business, a celebration of which I was completely unaware.

But then, I thought, 8 years x 12 months = 96 and so today, 30th September, is a landmark that I feel far more strongly about. Merriborn Media is 100 months old!

Along the way, I’ve met lots of people and had lots of fun. I always very grateful for everyone’s annual kind words, of course, but in truth that landmark meant little to me. I had read – as many of you may have done – that most businesses fold within two years. Here I was, still going for 4x that length – and for me this is because it is the monthly disciplines, strategies, targets and innovations feel far more motivational – and which have driven my business longevity.

This isn’t the triumph of short-termism – far from it. I like to reflect as much as anyone at the end of the year on what’s been achieved or not. But to me making it to the end of each month gives me a special pleasure …. and this evening I will take quiet satisfaction at becoming a monthly centurion.

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