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If you think you can’t write, why not speak instead? For those who struggle with writing – and every day I hear from people who tell me they do – I recommend that you rediscover the lost art of dictation.

Employers used to employ teams of typists. Whether working in a FTSE business or as a soletrader or SME, you probably can’t afford to do this. If you are the boss, you are unlikely to have a PA taking notes as you speak. Or indeed, you may be the PA. It doesn’t matter who you are– we all have something to say. And we are blessed today with affordable voice recognition software.

I tell clients who tell me they can’t write to speak instead. It takes a supreme mental effort to assemble the right words in your head in the right order, so don’t. Just talk as you would normally. If your words come out in a jumble, so be it.

It’s time to rediscover dictation. Like everything else, writing is a habit. Whatever is in your head, just get it out. The wonders of technology allow you to see on screen or paper what you have been saying and you will find it easier to edit quickly. Soon you will be creating something you didn’t know you had in you.

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