At The CIPD Learning & Development Show

I am heading off today to the CIPD Learning & Development Show at Olympia today. It reminded me of an excellent presentation recently from the CIPD’s Andy Lancaster for their Leaders in Learning network. Performance, he told us, is now the primary driver of Learning and Development. The challenge is how to move L&D from focus on learning to a focus on performance. The CIPD noted that there are now FIVE performance based roles in L&D. Three are with us already, while two are emerging.

Already here

1. Performance Detective – orange segment below – ascertains the performance challenge to be tackled

2. Performance Architect – designs a solution (and not necessarily a learning solution, if not relevant to the performance challenge)

3. Performance Master Builder – builds the solution to maximize performance and within resources and time constraints

Emerging roles

4. Performance Game Changer – makes sure that any solutions become embedded – there are two main sub roles here a. Project Manager and b. Communications – often these are not done by L&D in traditional organisations but need to be to embed success.

5. Performance Tracker – Effective measurement of performance – also not an easy role to fulfil.  The focus is solely on improving performance metrics.

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