Time: Current Clients vs. New Business

How do you balance your time between current clients and new business?

I’m SO proud to still be running my own business after nearly 8 years. People keep telling me that most fold within two. I don’t know if that’s true and I’ve never felt inclined to hesitate and check. Just keep looking forward.

I do though get a real kick out of mentoring startups. The question above – about balance of old and new business – is probably the most common question I am asked. Lean to the former and tomorrow you may have no pipeline. Lean to the latter and and you may have no clients to pay the bills.

I always have suggestions when asked about this, many personal failures to share of when i got it wrong – and a few of when I managed to keep the see-saw in balance.

I’m planning a series of blogs and webinars on this and other subjects this year and I’d love to hear (and of course give credit to you for) any thoughts or tips.

What you do or say to yourself on a daily basis to keep the see-saw of current and new business in balance?

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