“To Do” lists

I love making lists. Especially “To Do” lists.

So does David Mellor, business mentor par excellence, whose book launch I attended this week. He’s brought his three books from the excellent “From Crew to Captain” series – go to davidmellormentoring.com – and turned them into a really useful set of lists for anyone thinking about, starting or growing their own business. Well worth a look.

I make lists to keep my life in some sort of order – for me the big choices are always around how to organise them, how to prioritise and, crucially – what to leave out or let drop off. Do you have any rules or tips you swear by when putting together yours?

[A shout out also for a great charity on testicular cancer this week – DT38 Foundation or @dylantombides on twitter – that David highlighted as part of his book launch. Go have a look and take simple steps to care of your health today – or urge loved ones to do the same.]
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