Real life is Good. Real life goes on

On Wednesday I made a BIG decision (for me) – I decided not to listen, read or watch any news on the dreaded “B” word for 10 days. Then, on the morning after 29th March, I would switch back on and find out whether the UK had passed a deal, delayed or crashed out – all in one moment and without having to suffer the pantomime inbetween.

While many of you may have mentally switched off already, this is hard for me – it’s a sort of “news addict meets Lent” thing. I am on Day 3 and I genuinely haven’t the faintest idea what’s happening (and please don’t tell me).

The point is this though – I feel great!

On Day 1- I rediscovered Spotify, the Desert Island Discs archives and numerous amazing podcasts while working away. And I talked with the family in the evening in an engaged way that we hadn’t managed between us for a little while.

On Day 2 – I noticed what a beautiful day it was. And, being Spring Solstice, I worked outside in daylight for much of it. I chatted with neighbours, watched a box set in the evening and drank some wine.

The lesson for me is to never again underestimate the impact that a big rolling news story like the “B” word can have on the individual and collective mood. Real life is good. Real life goes on.

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