A week of sound and vision

Sound – I’ve been back on the radio again – talking animatedly on regional and local stations a lot in my spare time this week, promoting our imminent 140km Ridgeway walk for hospice charities. That’s a different blog but clink the link here if you want to find out more! :))

Vision – I’ve finally got a chance just now to look at pics and vid of myself chairing a session at the excellent hashtag#FestivalOfWork at the hashtag#CIPD for the Top Employers UK & Ireland on ” hashtag#AI – a great opportunity for hashtag#HR “. I don’t usually navel gaze – I just move on to the next thing. But looking this time made me finally admit something to myself that I’ve been reticent about in the past – I love standing up and presenting and I want to do more of it!

I love my content creation and content marketing work for clients – it is at the core of what I do. Sometimes, though, it is so great to just stand up and put yourself on the high wire, talk, sharing with an audience right in front of you.

It’s been a week of Sound and Vision – and at last I think I may have found my voice …

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